Pharmacy management
at your finger tips

Qyeron helps Africa’s pharmacies earn more by connecting their patients and customers directly to their inventory and services.

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Remember all your customers, their medicines and their preferences too

Running your pharmacy involves many moving parts and things to remember. Now you can ease that burden while still being customer focused, turning every customer into a repeat customer.

Actionable reports

No one likes admin. With Qyeron you can cut down on your admin time and spend your time where it matters - on growing your business.


Enjoy the benefits of new-age service delivery

You can give your customers a more concierge, seamless and personal service experience, because you now know and can anticipate their needs.

Simple and secure

Pharmacy is complex enough. Qyeron is designed to be easy to use so you can focus on giving your best to your patients and business, and because we appreciate the sensitivity of your information and your customers. We have built-in code authentication and backup systems that protects you both.


Minimal data and storage costs

Qyeron is cloud based and is designed to be light enough for the information being collected, stored and transferred to minimally consume your device’s storage and data.

Help your customers remember and get the most from their medicine’s too.

Give them their medication information in a modern, familiar and delightful way. Counselling advice, prescription or recommendation instructions, reminders, prompts sent directly to their phones or email inbox.


Qyeron is an accelerator for forward-thinking, dynamic pharmacies in Africa doing amazing work in their communities

Qyeron empowers you by modernising your daily operations and giving you information to drive your decisions.

  •    It allows you to use your customers purchase patterns to market your stock and services to meet their specific needs and connect with them in a more valuable way
  •   It helps you make real time inventory decisions
  •   Gives you a bird’s-eye view of your daily pharmacy’s performance


NGN 1,000 / month

All of Qyeron’s essential features.

Never pay for updates. Just the add-ons you need as you scale, letting you customise Qyeron to your taste.


NGN 500 / month

Real time multi-site inventory visibility.

More coming soon.

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We are a team that’s passionate about Africa’s healthcare ecosystem and want to see healthcare teams and businesses grow and thrive.

Our mission is to empower Africa’s pharmacies by transforming how they work everyday through the value of technology, and all of our energy is dedicated to this- so pharmacies succeed, ultimately benefiting their communities.